How does it work?

First we have a free consultation where we will discuss your health goals, dietary needs, kitchen details, and likes/dislikes. This will help to create a customized menu, tailored to your taste and dietary requirements. We will take your information and design a menu plan tailored especially for you. We will then arrange a cooking day during which we will come to your house and prepare healthy and nutritious meals. We will use fresh, local and organic ingredients whenever possible. We will label the meals and leave them in your fridge and freezer with simple re-heating instructions. We leave your kitchen sparkling clean and a delicious aroma will greet you at the door.

Your Personal Chef Service includes:

  • Free consultation;
  • Customized menus, tailored to your taste and dietary requirements;
  • Grocery shopping;
  • Healthy, nutritious meals prepared in your home;
  • Labeled and stored in fridge and freezer with instructions; and
  • Kitchen clean up

We will use fresh local organic vegetables, quality wild fish and organic meats whenever possible to support local family farms.

Are you looking for a special Gift?

A Refresh Personal Chef Service Gift Certificate is that special and perfect gift for anyone for any occasion. A Personal Chef coming to prepare a private dinner in the guest home is a unique, thoughtful, as well as memorable gift.

Some ideas for a gift certificate include: Anniversary, Engagement, Birthday, Friends Appreciation/Support, Housewarming, New Parents, Welcome Home, Mothers/Father’s Day, Ladies Night!, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Family Gathering, Hospital Recovery, Raw Food Dinner, Just Because

Do you have any food sensitivities or allergies?

One of the main benefits of having Refresh Personal Chef Service is that your meals are customized to your specific needs. If you or a family member has a sensitivity, allergy or a dislike of certain foods, I ensure that those foods are never used in the preparation of your meals.

Are you looking for some support?

If you are trying to include more whole foods in your diet, loose some weight, discovered a “gluten” sensitivity or allergy, want to eat more vegetarian, vegan or raw, or ketogenic? we can help you achieve those goals.

Do you only want a consultation?

We will have a consultation where we discuss your health goals, dietary needs, and likes/dislikes. This will help to create a customized menu with recipes and detailed instructions which will be e-mailed to you. There is a one time fee of $150.