Time Saving Meal Plans

When you consider the amount of time you spend each week in the grocery store, the amount of time spent preparing meals for you and your family, and the amount of time you spend cleaning up afterwards, you’ll realize that hiring “Refresh Personal Chef Service” can be a very wise investment. We offer several packages, depending on your needs. Each option below provides four servings per entrée and side dish. Grocery costs are separate.

We will use fresh local organic vegetables, quality wild fish and organic meats whenever possible to support local family farms.

3 Entrées and side dishes

$ 260

(12) Servings3 meals for a family of four
6 meals for a couple
12 meals for an individual

4 Entrées and side dishes

$ 325

(16) Servings4 meals for a family of 4
8 meals for a couple
16 meals for an individual

5 Entrées and side dishes

$ 370

(20) Servings5 meals for a family of 4
10 meals for a couple
20 meals for an individual

Your Personal Chef Service includes:

  • Free consultation
  • Customized menus, tailored to your taste and dietary requirements
  • Grocery shopping
  • Healthy, nutritious meals prepared in your home
  • Labeled and stored in fridge and freezer with instructions
  • Kitchen clean up

Container Fee (Optional)

There will be a one-time charge to purchase reusable glass Pyrex containers. These will be used specifically for this service and are yours to keep.